Toy Decluttering 101

Declutter the toys, without tears

Make your home a fun place to be for your kids, AND easy for them to clean up after themselves. This simple step by step process shows you:

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Toy course foundation and preparation

    • Start here!

    • What qualifies as a good toy?

    • What qualifies as a good toy for YOUR kids?

    • Too much of a good thing

    • Universally loved, and not loved toys

    • Toys aren't what makes a good childhood

    • How to include your family

    • Our favorite game

    • Toy sampling

    • Supplemental toy podcast bank

  • 02

    The decluttering system

    • No spend rule

    • Daily/regular play storage

    • Toy rotation storage

    • Trello inventory board + google doc

    • How to imperfectly use the toy inventory

    • Storage and organization

    • Choosing what stays and goes

    • Responsibly decluttering

  • 03


    • FAQ answers

    • How to get toys out of the house without them noticing, or wanting to keep the toys you're getting rid of

    • What if they notice something is missing?

    • Saving toys for next kids

    • What if we get rid of it, and they want it again?

    • What about the toys I want them to play with, but they just don't?

    • Guilt (for throwin away, gifts, etc)

    • What to do when they want to keep it all

    • Money

    • Sentimental

    • They want EVERYTHING

    • Next decluttering steps

  • 04

    BONUS workshop

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