Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Start here!

    • Intro + how to use the course

  • 02

    Simplified mindset to support your entire life

    • How to declutter your mind

    • Define, or re-define your role as a mom

    • Simplify your expectations

    • How to stop thinking, and start doing

    • Create your mom manifesto!

  • 03

    Routines and habits to support daily life

    • NEW2021 What kind of routine do you need in your life?

    • Get your priorities clear so you know how to spend your time

    • NEW2021 The circular priority model (for demanding seasons of life)

    • The things you HAVE to do, and the things you don't

    • Anchor days/times - do this BEFORE you time block

    • How to make a nightly routine

    • How to make a morning routine

    • How to habit stack

    • Dish routines

    • Laundry routines

    • NEW2021 Different time management techniques I have used in the home

  • 04

    NEW2021 Delegation in the home

    • What delegation is

    • The key to sustainable delegation

    • Different ways to delegate, and what to delegate

  • 05

    NEW2021 Healthy boundaries in all relationships

    • Boundaries 101

    • Boundaries in your home

    • Boundaries outside of your home

    • How to make mom friends

    • How to be a happy spouse

    • Self advocacy

    • Self advocacy

  • 06

    True self care

    • Simplified self care

    • NEW2021 7 kinds of self care

  • 07

    NEW2021 Navigating demanding seasons of life

    • Is it a season of life, or is it something else?

    • Staying afloat in difficult or demanding seasons of life

  • 08

    Simplified Decluttering

    • Decluttering Simplified